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Grant Fenton

Executive Business English Coach

How To Be the Same Highly Successful Business Leader in English That You Are in Your Native Language

A comprehensive 75+ page guide written by a former business executive for business executives, to achieve their goals and dreams

What is inside?

  • What is stopping business executives from achieving their business dreams in English?
  • Step-by-step guide sharing the four necessary skills to be mastered
  • Build a foundation and measurement systme for effective communication
  • Expand your speaking confidence and learn to express yourself naturally
  • Elevate your writing confidence and learn to be accurate and descriptive


Poland, CEO

If you want to learn how to communicate in English in a clear and concise manner, Grant is the man for the job.

If you want to learn how to craft your business communication and how to capture your audience attention, Grant is the man for the job.

And if you want to work with a patient, friendly, open-minded, well-rounded and truly inspiring person I can honestly recommend Grant as your executive business coach.

We have been working together for over a year and I can tell you from my own experience that Grant's approach is ridiculously efficient!



Ukraine, Founder & CEO

Grant is an attentive and experienced coach. He provides not just English teaching, but also developing hard and soft skills in a business context.

Topics of our lessons were adjusted to my requests, which helped me to solve actual issues. For me, a huge thing was "small talk" art, which is really significant in communication, including business interactions.

I definitely recommend Grant as an executive business coach for non-native English speakers willing to improve language skills, especially for business purposes.



India, Founder & CEO

Our company would have been become multinational with a five fold revenue increase, if I had met Grant ten years earlier. He is an excellent business English coach.

If you are an ambitious businessman longing to handle your business more professionally with good business communication skills, Grant is the right coach. He is patient and results-oriented.

We focused on business soft skills and business leadership skills, while improving my business English. You can start feeling significant improvement in your business English and leadership skills even after a few lessons.

He made my business communication more professional, easy and simple.



Russia, Top 3 Management Consulting Firm

Grant is not only an outstanding business executive communication coach, his knowledge and impact spreads way beyond tailoring your message to the specific needs.

He was pivotal in helping me build, improve, and sustain relationships with key sponsors and network. He broadened my horizon and showed how to win hearts and minds of people around me. He even turned a negative situation into a positive outcome where I deepened my connection with the senior partner in my company (top 3 management consulting firm) by showing vulnerability and by being open about myself.

He is extremely knowledgeable in the core - business communication, and is able to provide advice and suggestions backed up by the scientific research. He is always looking for ways to improve me not only as a communicator, but as an executive professional. He listens and genuinely cares about people.

I am grateful I had a chance to meet a person like Grant and I'm only looking forward to continuing working with him!


How To Be The Same Highly Successful Business Leader in English That You Are in Your Native Language

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