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I was shocked.

I have a client that founded a business more than 15 years ago. Over the years, his business grew and grew.

After some years, he had hundreds of employees, and the business was very successful.

But, he was frustrated.

Very frustrated.

You see, his business had expanded and reached its capacity. 

The reason it reached capacity?

Learn English

His business could not grow meaningfully anymore because he could only confidently run his business in his native language.

To expand his business, he needed English. 

He’s the founder and CEO of a successful company, and he knows that he can expand his business into many new areas, except for one thing…...he is not confident in using English.

Of course, he had some use of English. He could read most things, and he could write some emails with the help of translation software, BUT...

He had no confidence speaking English.

To expand, he would be required to manage his company in English. It was the only way.

After working with me for many months, he finally told me this story.

He explained everything above...

and then he shocked me…..

He told me that he wanted to expand his business seven years before meeting me, and he had been searching for someone who could genuinely help him solve his problem.

The problem was that he was not able to find someone that could specifically help him.

Yes, he wanted to improve his English. English was necessary for him to expand his business.

But, he knew he needed much more than only improving English.

Coaching Skills

What he really wanted to find, and needed to see was:

  • A coach that could RELATE to him, as a founder and CEO of a company
  • A coach that could UNDERSTAND his unique challenges, as a founder and CEO
  • A coach that could TEACH the skills required, as a founder and CEO
  • A coach that has GENUINE experience as a founder and CEO

Expanding his business was important to him. So he looked hard for more than 7 years! 

I’m pleased to announce that he negotiated his first deal in English within six months of working together. The first deal was obtaining a large parcel of real estate that would allow him to expand his business in a new location.

As stated above, English was the only language that he could use in this new area. 

He was so proud to negotiate that first major transaction, and he is now communicating to his entire organization in English. He is managing in English. He is growing his business in English.

This was his dream so many years ago...and now… he is living his dream.

Achieve Your Dreams

Maybe you can relate.

Maybe you have dreams of expanding your business.

Maybe you want to achieve bigger and better opportunities.

Maybe you are frustrated that you cannot descriptively and accurately express your business thoughts and feelings in English.

This lack of confidence impacts your ability to excel at your current job and makes finding future dream careers almost impossible because these are English-speaking positions.

You can use your native language to clearly and concisely express yourself in your business, but you cannot do this in English.

Maybe you have had many skilled English teachers in your past, but you have not found a teacher with actual, extensive experience working as a high-level business executive. Your previous teachers were helpful, but you both realized that your teacher could not have an executive-level understanding of business.

And, as my client stated, this is so much more than only improving English.

You need to find a coach that focuses on mastering specific skills that will allow your English communication to become natural and effective.

This realization happens every day as it is rare to find a combination of authentic business experience, specific skills, and a great Business English coach.


Why is This the Problem?

If your goal was to become a doctor, you’d pursue your medical education and learn from many great teachers. But the most essential part of your education is the time you spend in the hospital with real doctors, applying the skills with medical teaching doctors.

You cannot become a doctor without the coaching, mentorship, and expertise of actual doctors. Similarly, you cannot become a great English-speaking Business Executive without applying your business English skills with an experienced business executive’s guidance.

What is the Solution?

The goal is to find a proven method of how international business executives can be the same successful business leader in English as they are in their native language.

The secret is not learning the language of English.

The secret is learning to master the essential skills that make communication effective. These are the four necessary skills that a business executive must have to significantly improve their communication effectiveness.

Confidence Skills
Listening Skills
Vocabulary Skills
Communication Skills

If you can master these four essential skills with the guidance of the appropriate coach, you will find your solution.

As an example, this is the solution that I provide.

I founded the English Leadership Academy to provide you with the tools to grow and apply your Executive Business English confidence to real executive business experience. Immersing yourself in actual business experiences while gaining new skills will accelerate your learning curve. Simply put, you will become confident in a shorter time.

This video illustrates the challenges that many international business executives face today and how I can uniquely help solve their problems. Take a look at this and see if you can relate.

Many of my clients really enjoy transcripts, instead of subtitles, so I'm including the transcript of the video below. 

Also, if you don't know the benefits of transcripts as compared to subtitles, please watch this video that has been previously show in some of my other blog posts.

[transcript begins here] Have you ever wondered what makes me different from other coaches/teachers you might have worked with?

I have actual business experience. I founded many companies, and I was the CEO of another operating company. So in total, I have more than 25 years of experience, and I understand business.

You have a unique position as an executive of your company, and it is challenging to find anyone coaching business English that can genuinely relate to you. I can. I know business.

In addition to my business experience, I also have an MBA and a Law Degree.

Yes, I’m a specialist, and I only work with people like you.

So why does this matter to you?

  1. I understand your problems better than any other teachers

I’ve talked to and worked with many business executives who had problems confidently using English to lead their companies. I’ve also worked as a founder and CEO and felt the pain and problems of a leader.

These problems are not just English problems. They are caused by a lack of skills and can affect your dreams and career ambitions.

  1. My executive coaching program is customized to solve your specific problems

Because I only work with business executives, my coaching program doesn’t use general materials that apply to everyone. Instead, it is highly customized for you, so it is more interesting and practical for you to implement and master.

  1. My teaching method has been demonstrated to efficiently and effectively help people just like you

You don’t have any extra time to waste. Your schedule is full. My program is efficient. Many founders, CEOs, presidents, owners, and leaders of companies have completed my program, and they received more than what they expected.

I developed a proven method to help people like you improve their business English confidence in the most effective and efficient way.

Do you want to learn from a specialist or a generalist?

[end of transcript]

Actual Experience

My past and current clients are company founders, CEOs, management consultants, IT executives, lawyers, and various business executives. These men and women have realized similar outcomes. 

Yes, through my program and their dedication, they have been able to master these four essential skills:

Confidence Skills

Listening Skills

Vocabulary Skills

Communication Skills

When we can focus on these skills, the result is fantastic. 

These executives are transformed...from... hesitant and not highly confident with the ability to communicate effectively in English.

An eagle soaring in the blue sky

Confidence soars

What they did not expect is that they have become “free.” Free to realize that their dreams of the future are not only possible but attainable. Most importantly, their lives have been positively changed, and they are happier now than they can ever remember. That is a powerful feeling!


Your Next Steps

To fulfill your goals, you must find this combination:

  • A program developed by an experienced business executive
  • A program focused on mastering essential skills
  • A program that follows a systematic approach to your solution
  • A program that is interesting and relevant to you.

When you realize that the solution is mastering the necessary skills, and the solution is not based only on improving English, you will have a clear path to understanding your solution.

I hope this article serves you well and that you now have a better understanding of how you, as a business executive, can find the right coach.

If I can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to discuss your situation and see if we might be a good fit to work together.

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